Snow & Ice Management

De-Icing Services

Battista Landscape serves its valued clients throughout the harsh winter months by providing prompt and reliable snow management services.  As a property manager or business owner, you can rest assured that your site will be safe and accessible for your clients or residents. 

We understand the critical nature of selecting the right provider for snow and ice management services. We are fully dedicated to this endeavor throughout the winter months, the same way your local fire department is prepared for an emergency at any time. We stand on guard, ready for action, so that you are able to rest assured that your property is in good hands. With the litigious nature of the New Jersey market, you cannot afford to take these services lightly. In order to reduce the liability on your site, we are constantly monitoring the weather and have a team of professionals ready for dispatch on moments notice.


Snow Management Services Include:


- Parking Lot Snow Plowing

- Parking Lot De-Icing

- Sidewalk Clearing & De-Icing

- Snow Hauling Services